"Yellow" Full Movie

A small town race car driver struggles with the proposition of a sponsor who takes an interest in the sport's potential for carnage.

"Yellow" is an award winning short film which officially premiered online on Short of the Week in March of 2017.

An Aperture Industries Production

Produced By: Alexander Maxwell & Alexander Hankoff 

Director: Alexander Hankoff & Alexander Maxwell
Writer: Alexander Maxwell

Davy: Jesse Hill
Skip: Mike Faist
Scout: Paul Arthaud
Bob: Kolby Ramey
Walter: Chuck McMahon
Sponsor: Jack Diamond
Bartender: Sarah Elizabeth Biehler
Announcer: Billy Sasser

Director of Photography: Alexander Hankoff

Associate Producers: Andrew Smith / Nick Suttle / Kolby Ramey / Kaream Appleton / Brett Cogdill / Bob Rudis

Casting Director: Kristen Palidino
Casting Associate: Steve Stancato

UPM: Kaream Appleton

1st Assistant Camera: Andrew Smith
2nd Assistant Camera: Michael Girandola 

Additional Camera Operators: Nick Suttle / Ryan DeFranco / Adam Carboni

Sound Recordist: Florient Barbier and Dimitri Tissyerre 

Editor: Alex Trierweiler

Sound Designer: Stephen Dewey
Re-Recording Mixers: Steve Rosen & Michael Marinelli

Post Production Sound Services: SONIC UNION, NYC

Colorist:  Mikey Rossiter
Colorist Assistant: Ashley Ayarza
Color Producer: Natalie Westerfield

Compositing Artist: Benjamin Kwok

CG Team:
  Animation: Jeff Lopez
  Modeler: Lauren Shields
  Lighter: Gregory Gangemi
  Lighter: Olivier Varteressian  
  FX Artist: Jimmy Gass  

Title Designer: Tetsuro Mise 

Poster Art: Damien Bastelica 

Stunt Driver & Consultant: Jesse “The Thrill” Hill

Sam Martz
Brett Ballard
Brad Roberts
Corey Andersen
Mike Franz

Bridgeport Speedway:
Electrician: Jim Oldt
Track Preparation: Keith Hoffman
General Manager: Danny Serrano
Owner: Brian Ramey

Special Thanks: The Mill, Bridgeport Speedway, Planned Poultry Renovations, Michael Cogdill, Shannon Marshall, Brian Ramey, Ian Bearce, Travis Hill, Nicholas Foti, Hollywood Diner, Dae Yoon Kang, Ashleigh Anderson, Jeff Robins, Burtis Scott, Danielle Rodgers and Babe's Bar & Grill, Backbone Camera Van Masters, The Mill MCR team, Patti Hill, Darren Goldberg & Atlantic Pictures

Camera & Lenses provided by: RED Digital Cinema, Angenieux, Go Pro, Back-Bone

Recorded at Sonic Union, NY

Filmed on location in the town of Bridgeport, New Jersey

"Yellow" trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming short film "Yellow"

Directed & Produced by: Alexander Hankoff / Alexander Maxwell

Starring: Paul Arthaud, Jesse Hill, Mike Faist, Chuck McMahon and Jack Diamond

Written by: Alexander Maxwell

Cinematography by: Alexander Hankoff

Edited by: Alex Trierweiler

Colorist: Mikey Rossiter

Down on Kelton Ranch

A display of outstanding skill from three rodeo prodigies! We spent a hot afternoon at the Kelton Ranch and here is some of what we saw.
Special Thanks to Tammy Kelton and Chance Kelton and Becky Cundall for their incredible support and hospitality.

Starring: Catch Kelton, Kenzie Kelton, Jaycie Cundall
Director: Alexander Maxwell
Director of Photography: Alexander Hankoff
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Andrew Smith 
Live Action Producer: Brendon Ellington 
Editor: Alexander Maxwell
Colourist: Fergus McCall

Josh Elan Skate Video

Short video of Brooklyn based skateboarder and friend Josh Elan shot over an hour on the morning I unboxed my Red Epic.

Directed/Shot/Edited: Alexander Hankoff
Music: Miles Davis "Seven Steps to Heaven"